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7 Best Soccer Cleats For Kids

The soccer stars we witness gracing the beautiful game today all have a story to tell. Most of them did not wake up one day and proclaim to be soccer players. While hard work is the secret to most of them, what they forget to mention is the impact the soccer cleats they wore as kids had on their current performances. Taking the example of Lionel Messi (arguably the greatest ever soccer player), he wore the best soccer cleats from the time he started his career. In that case, while it is not a guarantee that your kid will develop to a Lionel Messi, it is important to buy him one of the best soccer cleats for kids for him to have the chance of developing well as a player.
What are the factors to consider when choosing soccer cleats for kids?

It is important to note that kids are not like adult who can easily tell what is comfortable and what is not. Therefore, for you to choose the best soccer cleats for kids, you need to consider factors such as:

The type of surface that your kid will be playing on. You will consider factors such as soft ground, firm ground or turf.
The quality of the cleat- here, you will have to choose whether to go for synthetic leathers or natural leathers with all having their pros and cons.
The lacing of the cleat- here, you will go with the latest trends (asymmetrical is currently popular) so that your kid will not feel left behind. However, do not limit him to these. Let him choose what he deems best.
The weight of the cleat- especially for a kid, the more lightweight the cleat is the more comfortable it becomes.

What are the 7 best soccer cleats for kids?

After looking at the qualities of what kids soccer cleats entails, we now look at some of the best examples of them. They include:

1. Nike Mercurial Vapor X FG CR7 Kids Fg

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This is one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s (four times Ballon d’or winner) Nike collection. Through these cleats, the world-renowned soccer player aims at making soccer lives of kids better. These kids soccer cleats exhibits top qualities such as:

being very light
they are great looking
they have excellent ball control
They have a cushioned underfoot for both stability and comfort.

However, with all those top features, kids cannot use these cleats under very wet conditions.

2. Adidas Messi 17.1 Kids Fg

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If you are familiar with the adults Tigeror cleats, then these serves as their kids’ version. They exhibits top class features such as:

They are very light making the ideal for kids
They are true to size
They offer maximum support and protection to your kid
They have a history of lasting for long. This means you can hand them to other kids in the case that one out grows them.
Their physical features and designs support hard ground use.

3. Nike Junior Hypervenom Phantom Kids FG

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The design to these cleats make them to stand out among its competitors. Alongside that, these cleats have features such as:

They have an eye-catching shape and colors. This will perfectly amaze your kids and give them motivation.
These soccer cleats for kids have a glove support that protects their ankles from severe injuries.
They provide general support to your kids’ legs
Their design allows the kids to perform fancy footwork easier and comfortably.
They have studs that allow the kids to play well even in wet conditions.

4. Puma EvoPower 1.3 Kids FG

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Amongst the best soccer cleats, are these amazing products from the legendary company Puma. With these, your kid is bound to enjoy benefits such as:

The upper part of the cleats contains fiber that are soft therefore making your kid very comfortable while playing.
Has various color schemes that are appealing to kids.
The brand has an “AccuFoam” feature that helps kids strike the ball smoothly and with accuracy.

5. Hi-Tec Kids Black and White

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If you are looking for simple soccer cleats for kids, then you found one in these. The black and white soccer cleats have the following features that allow them to rank among the best soccer cleats for kids:

They assume the lace-up style. This makes them to hold on to your kid’s feet even under high pressure.
These cleats are ideal for kids who play soccer regularly.
The manufacturing company provides a stud spanner for the cleats. This provides you with the easy to use feature.
Though they may appear simple, we cannot underestimate the superior looks that come with acquiring these cleats. They have more than it meets the eye.

6. New Balance Visaro Control Kids Fg

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Even though the New Balance Company might not have a big name yet, in terms of their products’ quality we can tell that they sure are a force to reckon. This is evident in these soccer cleats for kids that they recently launched. With them come the following features:

They are long lasting
They play well in most types of grounds
They have an amazing ball control
They come in various colors. This gives your kids varieties to choose.
They have a synthetic upper part and a soft ground soleplate

7. Adidas Ace 17.1 Kids Fg

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Any product from Adidas promise to be a great deal and these soccer cleats for children do not disappoint. With them, your kids get to enjoy benefits such as:

They are very comfortable while playing.
Offers maximum ball control feature.
They play well in both artificial and firm grounds.
They provide good pass accuracy.

While purchasing soccer cleats for kids, you will consider more factors that when buying them for adults. This is because kids are still fragile and the kind of soccer cleats your kid uses will determine the kind of soccer foundation he will have. Some of the factors to consider include the lacing of the cleats, the cleats’ materials, their studs and the ground to which your kid will use the cleats. Generally, the best soccer cleats for kids are those that adhere to the above qualities amongst others.

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    Great reviews! When my daughter played soccer, everyone wore the brand from the local sports store. I wish that some of these had been available then; I think just wearing something this cool would give you an edge!

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    Hey! I am from Chile and our main sport is soccer! I love soccer to be honest haha. I have a lot of friends that play soccer and their little borthers and sisters too! I will past your website to them so they can check this awesome information and cleats review! thank you 😀

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