Adidas Copa Mundial FG

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4.5/5 on January 22, 2018

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  • On acquiring thus Adidas brand, you will be assured of a long-lasting cleat that will save your money.
  • The kangaroo leather used to make the upper part coupled with outsoles will give you service for long.
  • The low top gear will enhance comfort one it's on your feet.
  • This boot is made of soft Kangaroo leather that has been fitted with a soft insole which will ensure that your foot is safe from injury once you are sporting.
  • The feel is also comfortable with the leather forms a mold that assumes your fit.
  • The synthetic lining will ensure that your feet do not get uncomfortable once you are on the pitch.


  • The cleat may be uncomfortable when it's new as it has not formed mold of your feet.
  • The uncomfortable feeling is mild and will last for only a few hours before the flexible kangaroo leather assumes the shape and size of your foot.


These are the most classic pair of Adidas soccer cleats. It's no surprise that many choose this as their go to soccer cleat. If you're not a flashy player, but want a solid cleat that will do you right, then we recommend you try a pair of Copa Mundials

Adidas Copa Mundial FG

Technology has stepped into sports of late, and this has not left football out. The boots that were traditionally used for football are currently modified to make the comfortable feet while on the pitch. Adidas which is a famous shoe maker brand has been keen on addressing soccer cleats. The famous manufacturers have hit the market with a brand that has been on the market for over the past 20 years. The Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleat has been on the market for a while and is now famous because of its make, functionality, and durability. The cleat which has its origin in Germany is made of Kangaroo leather making it so durable. Despite sports shoe gaining modification day in day out, the Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleat will not be outdone soon. The favorite boot in the soccer world has won a million reviews as it has served its users right. Below are the reviews gave this favorite brand.

Upper material

The upper material of this cleat is made of Kangaroo leather. Kangaroo leather is soft hence achieving much comfort for the feet. Athletes who use this boot will enjoy the durability of the leather used to make the upper part. When kicking the ball, the upper part of the cleat will protect your foot from any damage. The material is thus protective of your feet.

Fit and Feel

Made of foam insoles from inside, your feet are comfortable once you wear the cleat. Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleat has Kangaroo leather which gives it class. The Kangaroo leather used to make the upper part of the cleat readily assumes the size and shape of your feet hence achieving you comfort hours after using this boot. On touching the interior of the cleat, you can feel the softness as it has a synthetic insole that keeps your feet comfortable. The Kangaroo leather is soft in touch making it feel amazing.

Ankle cut

Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleat has an ankle cut that will not make you sustain injuries. The ankle cut is designed such that when sporting, you feel comfortable and the feet can adjust without getting distractions. You are thus comfortable with this Adidas brand as you choose the mid cut or low cut. The cleat which comes in mostly the low cut can be made into a mid-cut upon customization.

Stud pattern

The stud pattern of the Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleat is made in such a way that you are stable while walking or standing. The pattern has been designed in a way that you get stability while on top speed running and controlling the game. The pattern is thus drawn from the experience of making boots and achieving the best for athletes.

lace pattern

The lace pattern of Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleat is at the center hence enhancing flexibility. One can tighten the boot to his feet size to make it fitter. The lace pattern is at times covered with a leather tongue making the cleat more appealing. The lace pattern is formed in a way that the uppers surface of Kangaroo leather doesn’t offer distractions to the ball while shooting and kicking the ball.In conclusion, the Adidas Copa Mundial Soccer Cleat standouts among its competitor brands. The boot which has gained popularity worldwide due its functionality and durability is bound to remain relevant for years to come despite the numerous technological changes being employed in making soccer cleats.

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