4 Best Puma Soccer Cleats

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4 Best Puma Soccer Cleats

There will always be a hunt for stronger shots, deeper crosses, and longer clearances. Puma has been in the forefront of pushing power and speed to their brand. As a fan or casual footballer, there’s no doubt that you’re looking to get a functional pair of soccer cleats. Just as football has evolved, so has football boots with new designs. You can find lighter shoes with appealing designs and more features that you’d want to have. The best thing about Puma is that they not only concentrate on performance, they also focus on comfort and stability.
While some players have an easy time choosing their preferred Puma soccer cleats, others need a little help in making the final decision.

Here are some top five best Puma soccer cleats.

1. PUMA EvoPower 4.2


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Puma is a renowned brand that makes the best soccer shoes with the player’s fashion and lifestyle in mind. If you have wide feet, the PUMA EvoPower 4.2 are soccer cleats worth considering. Moreover, they are comfortable and light to wear. The blend of high risk red, sea pine, and white will make you stand out from other players. The GripTex treatment makes it easy to control the ball and features a synthetic sole that allows you run with ease. Another added feature is the synthetic upper material which makes the evoPOWER 4.2 durable. For added stability and small studs on the boots help to provide stability and grip to the player.

2. Puma EvoPower 1.3

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Puma has evolved as far as their soccer shoes are concerned. Their EvoPower boots are meant to produce more power and accuracy while shooting. The 1.3 edition which was released in January 2016 is an excellent pair for attacking midfield players. The shoes have GripTex technology and a stretchable Adapt Life for better control in various conditions. The lightweight Pebax sole plate provides the player the ability to bend the foot.
Additionally, these soccer cleats have traction studs to increase stability and maneuverability. With agility and great speed, the EvoPower has got you covered.
Available in two colors and with asymmetric laces, these shoes are reasonably priced, these shoes are ideal for your look and for the enhancement of your performance in the field.

3. Puma EVOSPEED Men’s 4 H2H FG Soccer Cleat

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Featuring an orange clownish color, the Puma EvoSPEED are durable and comfortable. Designed with a synthetic sole to make you a champion in the field, these soccer cleats are suitable if you have wide feet. Being fashionable, the EVOSPEED H2H FG is an excellent choice. Moreover, unlike other cleats that focus on performance, the FG version focuses more on durability and comfort. The padded interior and the manmade sole all add u [p to improved stability and ball control. While sprinting at high speed, these Puma cleats have the firmest grip to prevent you from falling.

4. Puma evoSPEED SL

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The new Puma evoSPEED superlight only weighs 103 grams, making them the lightest soccer cleats ever. Featuring an ultra-thin textile upper, these boots provide a barefoot touch on the ball. The boot is delicate and specialized for use on grass and in fair weather. In theory, the evoSPEED SL is guaranteed to give you ten games before they need any replacement. The laser-cut SPEEDFRAME system harnesses the foot in main areas when accelerating and turning when in the field. The soleplate also has a combination of bladed and conical studs for immediate acceleration and traction.

PUMA Men’s evoSPEED 3FG Soccer CleatRenowned players like Christian Ronaldo and Lionel Messi all have something in common and that is soccer cleats that steer their speed to the next level on the field. The Puma evoSPEED features 3 concepts mainly fit, flexibility, and light weight. With a microfiber synthetic upper portion, these soccer boots are light and fit perfectly, allowing you to enjoy playing soccer. For additional stability and support, the 3FG soccer cleats have a minimalistic lightweight external heel counter.

Speed, Speed and more Speed

Running at high speed in the field with light shoes needs a firm outsole. Puma evoSPEED 3FG soccer shoes have one piece outsole for added flexibility. Enjoy traction and stability thanks to the conical and bladed stud configurations. With a choice of four colors, speed CELL technology and cushioned insole, the 3FG soccer cleats ensure maximum comfort and enhance natural speed. Perfect for both amateur and pro players, these Puma cleats is what you need for proper ball control in the field.

Choosing the Right Soccer Cleats Based on Your Position

The right soccer shoes are essential in any game. Fortunately, Puma has manufactured soccer cleats with the player’s lifestyle and performance in mind. As a player, it’s crucial to choose shoes according to the position you play in. It wouldn’t make sense to select shoes with thin upper bodies if you are a goal keeper. Defendants need sturdy, yet strong shoes.Here is a breakdown on how to choose the right footwear.

• Striker-Any good soccer shoes that provide protection and support to your feet.

• Forward-Lightweight shoes with acceleration, good grip, and sturdy.

• Central midfielder- A pair of shoes with good flexibility and maximum grip.

• Goalkeeper-Soccer shoes with central stud placement and strong upper body to avoid slipping. A pair with good traction from all directions.

Is Your Foot Shape Important?

As a soccer player, your foot shape plays an important role when selecting the right footwear. If you have high arches, you can’t wear a shoe without cushioning. Similarly, if you have wide feet, wearing narrow cleats will affect your performance.

When choosing soccer cleats, carefully consider the shape of your feet and the size.In conclusion, Puma soccer cleats are the best choice in 2017. With their expensive feel and stylish outlook, Puma cleats are a combination of art and logic. Manufacture from quality material, these shoes provide excellent performance and sturdiness in the field. Excellent grip, comfort, and maximum protection, under a renowned brand and with an affordable price tag, what could anyone ask for?

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